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1. BWA congress 21st of October Tour & Taxis

At a time when many organisations are implementing their hybrid work plans, how can workplaces evolve and drive change to help them meet the needs of a changing world ?
The 7th Annual BWA Congress is bringing together international experts in the fields of real estate, workplaces, facilities, and change management to answer this question and discuss the role workplaces can play in this new work reality.

Book now :
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2. Some good ideas from Forbes to facilitate the return of our tenants :

1. Plan For Employees Refusing To Return

Many employees will question office work practices. If they can do the same work from home just as well, they will ask questions such as, "Why should we come to work?" I believe 20 to 30% of the workforce will continue to work from home. In addition, employees will expect a more flexible office-to-home relation. Companies should start planning for this now. Anticipate that many won't be willing to work from the office. - Art Malkov, BlockchainDriven

2. Respect Employee Time And Needs

Many people who never expected to enjoy working from home have found it to be an agreeable new normal. Adjusting back to the workplace will be tough on some employees. Respecting employees' time and need for flexibility in their schedule will be more important now than ever before. - Swapnil Agarwal, Nitya Capital

3. Realign Employees To Business Values

A challenge I expect will be the change in employee values. Working from home has allowed employees to reevaluate their core values, beliefs and drive. Business leaders need to realign employees back to the business values. Evaluate their state of mind, understand where they are at, live and lead by example, reinforce what the brand stands for and recognize and reward value-centric behaviors. - Judy Sahay, Crowd Media Group

4. Understand What Makes Your Staff Tick

Employers will need to better understand what makes their staff and team members tick. Some light training programs may need to be implemented to better train and address less social staff members. An open and direct response is needed from business leaders to address the anxiety and stress that some people will continue to have with working at the office in close quarters with others. - Simon S. Mass, The Condo Store Realty Inc

5. Stop Trying To Micromanage Employees

Since they feel they have effectively worked from home for full pay, employees are going to want the same freedom in working that they have gotten used to. Micromanagers particularly, but all managers in general, are going to be poorly tolerated. - Charles Read, Custom Payroll Associates, Inc.

6. Enable A Partially Distributed Workforce

After working almost a year remotely, I believe employees will find it challenging to have long commutes every day. As leaders, I believe we will need to find the right balance between having employees onsite for organizational culture purposes and giving individual preferences the flexibility of maybe working one or two days per week remotely. - Eric Rozenberg, SecuTix

7. Provide Mental Health Resources

One of the main challenges will be mental health. Fear, depression, anger and anxiety, amplified by months of lockdown, will be present in your workforce. Employers need to be empathetic, offer access to mental health resources and encourage a culture of self-care to prevent burnout as employees make the transition. - Sindhu Kutty, Kuroshio Consulting

8. Allow For A Gradual Transition Period

Understanding habits is key. Some habits take three to six months to take root. By the time vaccines are widely available, we will have been in lockdown for over a year. Transitioning back to the office will require changing our habits and creating new habits for ourselves, our families and even our pets. For leaders, it's important to allow for a gradual transitionary period to give allowance to build new habits. - Scott Amyx, Astor Perkins

9. Focus On Ensuring Personal Safety

One of the challenges organizations will encounter is satisfying all legal requirements with respect to the personal safety of workers while helping them cope with the emotional stress of returning to the office. Business leaders can overcome these challenges by taking reasonable steps to reduce risk to employees while communicating everything that is being implemented for their safety, including traditional and innovative disease-control measures. - Jean Paul Paulynice, Empowering Confident Youth

10. Change Your Hiring And Engagement Methods

Employees may not want to return to the office as the shift to remote work has influenced their priorities, expectations and even locations. Leaders will need to permanently adapt their hiring, onboarding and employee engagement practices to attract and retain employees. Companies with a strong culture and united vision that translates remotely will win in a competitive market for top talent. - Victoria Lakers, The Lancer Group

11. Learn How To Deal With A Split Culture

With some employees returning to the office and others choosing to continue working from home, your culture may split. Actively level the playing field. If a meeting has onsite and remote staff, have everyone join the meeting virtually instead of having some in the conference room and others virtual. Find after-hour activities that will entice the majority of the staff to physically get together. - Adam Radulovic,

12. Set Clear Expectations And Protocols

A major challenge may include how a business will handle employees who choose not to get vaccinated. Regardless of legal questions, a decision to mandate or not may significantly impact culture, employee retention and even the recruitment of new workers. Leaders will need to establish clear expectations, provide education and establish safety protocols for whichever direction they choose. - Jay Johnson, Coeus Creative Group

You will find here the complete article and the coordinates of the 12 authors :

3. Our workspaces are ready for the new school year

Since the BWA makes it a priority to ensure the safety of its customers, partners, employees and suppliers, we have created this Covid-Proof charter & a logo

We undertake to implement and enforce the following guidelines:

Floor marking: creating different areas to respect a social distance of 1.5 m between customers and between customers and staff (reception area and waiting area for meetings with staff), and to organise traffic to enable the physical separation of customers (distance of 1.5 m)

Protection of staff and customers at the reception: Equipping the reception area with a transparent screen (minimum width of 1.5 m, height of 2 m), a transparent film or any other equipment that is equally effective to help respect social distancing rules

Obligation to wear a face mask

Planning fixed time slots for appointments such as contract signing, visits at the premises, etc.

Providing hydroalcoholic gel (at least at the reception desk) and soap and disposable hand towels (if you have cloth towel dispensers, make them unavailable)

When renting out workspaces: disinfect the workspace after each rental.

Ventilating the rooms before and after renting as well as before, after and during cleaning.

Cleaning of the premises: using clean cleaning equipment and accessories, cleaning the surfaces with a conventional cleaning product. Once cleaned, disinfecting the surfaces with a virucidal product in accordance with the EN 14476 standard or, failing this, diluted bleach (2.6%).

Communicate with customers and staff and encourage self-hygiene

Download your logo here : covid-proof

4. Why becoming member of the BWA ?

Updates on news and regulation which impact our industry

SPF/FOD License Agreement

A suite of ‘Know Your Customer’ documents to assist you with potential client checking, and ensuring compliance with Money Laundering Regulations

Access to our exclusive software ORIS in order to meet Money Laundering Regulations

Inclusion in the searchable database on our website. Any leads are commission-free
Being recognised as upholding the highest standards in the flexible workspace industry by signing our Code of Conduct and Best Practice

Preferential rates to our Annual Conference, Gala Dinner and Afterwork events

National-local meetings to introduce you to your peers in the sector, and provide a forum for discussion of issues of mutual interest and the sharing of best practice

Connections to our Partner members, who can provide you with industry specific knowledge and services, including technology, legal, furniture and personnel

Membership will also give you other opportunities for support and guidance, and an opportunity to make connections with fellow members, as well as being a part of the industry’s representative body.


5. A growing membership

We have a growing membership even during this complex time.

The association now has over 241 spaces, the complete list is available here


6. A word from our « young » partner

At WeNap, we believe that it is possible to combine high performance and well-being at work, without compromising one’s health. This association seems to be not only essential for the development of the workers but also for the sustainability of companies

Our napping pod offers a “zero gravity” position. This means that the inclination of the seat as well as all its angles have been specifically studied to offer a lumbar vertebrae support, to minimize the pressure on the lower back and legs, and to guarantee optimal recovery.

The pod also offers visual and acoustic insulation thanks to curtains and ecologic felt or cork. More info

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