The Belgian Workspace Association is happy to invite you to its annual conference that will take place on October 23 in Brussels.

This event is an opportunity for the business center and flexible office sector to get together, assess the situation of the industry and to discuss the latest trends and developments of the market.

It is also a time for interaction with our stakeholders and to wigh on the impact of the New World of Work on the entrepreunarial and the business landscape in Belgium.  It is Belgian Workspace Association’s wish to open up to Coworking spaces operators as well and to integrate them in the activities of the association.

The number of seats is limited, please confirm your registration following this link

Event agenda

9h Welcome Coffee – Registration

10h Opening speech – William Willems, Belgian Workspace Association president State of the new world of work in Belgium

State of the business centers industry (Koen Batsleer – Finpower Advies)

State of the Coworking industry in Belgium (Ramon Suarez – Betacowork)

NWOW Community (Karl Indigne – Protime)

11h15 How the NWOW is changing the entrepreneurial and business landscape

Coworking is a driver of the digital economy – Coworking as part of the StartUp Europe initiative (Jean-Yves Huwart – Global Enterprise)

Why Job Yourself launched The Flex coworking space to empower entrepreneurs (Jean-Olivier Collinet – Administrator Job Yourself)

The Wallonian region co-creating 8 coworking spaces to facilitate creativity and innovation – (Lisa Lombardi – Coordinator, CoWallonia by Creative Wallonia)

Opening doors to startups to generate open innovation (Lode Uytterschaut – KBC

Third place working by Regus (Dick Depater – Regus)

12h30 Networking lunch

13h30 Unconference – Barcamp

A series of sessions/workshops facilitated by the participants themselves who decide of the topics and content. We will have 4 rooms available for sessions of 30 min (or 1 hour) each depending on the number of topics presented.

16h/17h Closing drink – Networking 

Registration mandatory