The Belgian Workspace Association Awards are rewards awarded by the Belgian Workspace Association (BWA) to their members for outstanding achievements in the field of workspace development.

Procedure of application and voting


The Belgian Workspace Association Awards Jury is composed of 3 senior professionals representing the real estate and facility management disciplines:

Philippe Moorkens – Tecnospace : President

Anouk van Oordt – Out Of Office : Vice President

Martin Roerholt – Matchoffice : Vice President

Term duration:

The President of the Jury has a 3 year term. He is assisted by a BWA board member and will be preparing his succession during the final year of his presidency.

The President of the BWA Awards Jury is designated by Edouard Cambier assisted by Alexandre Ponchon.

The President of the Jury cannot be a Belgian Workspace Association member. The Belgian Workspace Association members & Jury serve in their personal capacity and do not represent neither their company nor the sector in which they are active. The term is complementary. Members sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before the delivery of the Awards.

President and Vice President:

The President is assisted by one or two Vice Presidents, appointed by the President. His/their nomination and term is approved by the Belgian Workspace Association Board.

The organization:

The organization of the Jury falls within the responsibility of the BWA, chaired by its President, and by the BWA Board Members who duly paid their membership fee.

Their task is to award in an objective and professional manner 4 BWA Awards to the 4 best applications in following fields;

A. Highest internal growth (no public voting)

B. Best innovation

C. Best community

D. Best interior design

The jury will base their allocation of points on the analysis of the Award Candidate’s website and/or on the Award Candidate’s submitted application file with pictures and/or by visiting the Award Candidate’s business centers (update 1 May 2017).

All Award Candidates have to submit their application to the Board members of the Jury. The President will therefore be responsible for sending e-mail addresses of all Jury members to all the Belgian Workspace Association members, tenants and friends so they can send their applications by e-mail. Members having several locations/ business centers in their portfolio may apply for only one location per category, each of them being different. Once all applications received by a certain deadline, the Jury will organize a social media voting system to allow all members, their tenants and friends to vote for their application.

Only those applicants which are up-to-date with their membership fee of the BWA are eligible of taking part in the Awards competition.


Phase I: The social media voting

Each Member, tenant or social media friends shall select one winner per category

A. Highest internal growth (no public voting)

B. Best innovation

C. Best community

D. Best interior design

The scores from the social media voting represent 50% of total points.

Phase II : The jury

All applications from candidates to an Award will be considered by the 3 jury members who will allocate their scores to the applicants. Their vote is confidential and the vote of the President of the Jury will prevail in case no candidate achieves a majority In each of the following Awards;

A. Highest internal growth (no public voting)

B. Best innovation

C. Best community

D. Best interior design

The scores from the Jury represent 50% of total points.

The Jury is sovereign and will not have to account for their choice. The Jury member who has had a business relationship of any kind with an Award candidate will restrain from taking part in the voting.

Award ceremony:

After Phase I and II, the Jury members will gather to establish the average of points (Public and Jury) for each candidate. Based on information collected, they will decide which applications are awarded with an Award.

In case of ex-æquo, each winner will receive an Award.