« True blood » Belgian, Edouard is a francophone from Flanders sailing economically as easily in Flanders as in Brussels. His experience in the world of media, marketing and event organization led him to work closely with Dutch, French, English and Belgian companies.

Edouard Cambier has been working for nearly 20 years on ecosystem creation missions. In 1998 he collaborated in the grouping of the editorial offices of Roularta (Trends, Knack, Le Vif, KanaalZ ..), which became ‘Brussels Media Center’, and then he participated in the creation of Seed Factory, a ‘Mar-Tech’ hub in Brussels which brings together more than 160 entrepreneurs in communication, marketing and media. In 2013, he is co-founder of Co.Station, an ambitious thematic accelerator in the field ‘Fin-Tech’.

He is now working with Accenture and Just In Time on a Mobility-Tech platform and a Competence Center of 3.825m2 in the center of Brussels. President of the largest platform of business centers, incubators and accelerators in the country, comprising 100+ serviced office buildings & social workplaces (the ‘BWA’ or Belgian Workspace Association), Edouard is in permanent contact with all the market players and has a Unique expertise on trends in office real estate and new ways of working (‘NWOW’). He attaches great importance to the ‘3T’ values: Talent, Tolerance and Technology.