The award starts in 1 hour, let’s go !

Another great success with a 5 star dinner. The association now has 82 members and 258 very innovative spaces. Thanks to Koen Batsleer, Fabrice Moerman, Bill Williams, Claire Bonnaventure, Tanja Barella Alain Brossé Christa Jouck the board and all the active members (!) who made this evening a success

Special thanks to our two partners Ceusters and Essensys

…and here are the pictures of the cocktail

Here are the pictures of the ‘dynamic’ + cocktail

here are the last pictures of the cocktail before getting down to business

We start the jury Paul Stasse Claire Bonnaventure Tanja Barella pitches and the award ceremony

At the end of the pitch we start to distribute the bottles of champagne

The qualitative restaurant The White by Benoît Dewitte at Welkin and Meraki

Thank you to all for this moment of exchange