Date : Thursday 22 September 2016

Location : Brussels, Diamant Conference Center, Auguste Reyerslaan 80, 1030 Brussel

Participant fee : 125€ for members, 165 € for non members (invoices will be send after inscription)

Agenda :

  • 9.30h : Arrivals with coffee
  • 10.00h : Introduction by William Willems, president
  • 10.10h: Quantitative market evolution BC/CW-market in Belgium (Koen Batsleer, Finpower)
  • 10.30h : The further growth of the coworking market (Jean-Yves Huwart, organizer European Coworking Congress)
  • 11.00h : Pause with coffee
  • 11.30h : The legislative intentions of the Belgian Government to regulate the domiciliation of companies – (William Willems, President)
  • 12.00h : Evolutions and trends in the coworking en business center Industry (Martin Roerholt, Matchoffice)
  • 12.30h – 14.00h : Networking – lunch
  • 14.00h – 17.00h : 6 interactive workshops on specific topics :
    • 14.00h – 15.00h :
      • VAT-regulations for business centers (by BDO)
        • VAT-deductibility of business centers (by BDO)
        • VAT to be calculated on flexible, coworking and virtual offices for foreign customers
      • ICT-for business centers (by Essensys)
        • How can ICT support your operations within a business center
        • How can you automate your reservation/invoicing-process
      • Financial key-performance indicators for business and coworking centers (by Finpower)
        • What are the main cost-drivers of business centers
        • How do we calculate the sales price in a business center
    • 15.30h – 16.30h :
      • Fast evolving economy applying new technologies
        • ZORA Robots for workspaces, hosted by Mr Deblieck, Mr Goffin or a manager from Zora Robotics
        • Social Media tools for workspaces, hosted by Mr Alexandre Portois from Digisense
        • How to create a ‘Tech’-community in a workspace, hosted by Mrs. Julie Foulon or colleague from Girleek
      • Ecological approaches in business centers
        • Recycled materials in furniture for workspaces, hosted by a Mrs. Anne Lenaerts from Nearly New Office Facilities
        • Fabrique de liens, hosted by Mr Thomas Delvaux from La Tricoterie
        • Mobile transportation solutions for Workspaces, hosted by Alexandre Hauben from Drive Now
      • Massive incubators entering the market
        • Workspaces & Workflats versus Hotels, hosted by Tarik Hennen from Smartflats
    • 17:00h – 19:00h : network drink
      • Presentation of 3 ‘award-candidates’
        • A. Best fundamental needs workspace center Award
        • B. Best Involvement in Community & Sharing Award
        • C. Best Innovative Services & Products Award
      • Voting by members
      • Award ceremony for the award-winners



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